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Free Tools and Links For Engineers: 
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers  http://www.asme.org/ 
Engineering Calculators  http://www.calculatoredge.com/
Free Tools and Links For Inventors:
US Patent Office http://www.uspto.gov/ 
Copyright Office   http://www.copyright.gov/  
CAD Organizations: 
Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture http://www.acadia.org/ 
CAD Society home page  http://www.cadsociety.org/ 
American Design and Drafting Association  http://www.adda.org/ 
The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers  http://www.ieee.org/ 
Computer Aided Architectural Design Research In Asia  http://www.caadria.org/ 
Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe  http://www.ecaade.org/     
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