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CAD Design and Drafting Services

Tennessee Design Company's CAD design service professionals offer CAD design and drafting services for a wide range of industries. The CAD design team of Tennessee Design Company consists of CAD Designers, CAD technicians and engineers. Our CAD design team offers you customized solution for your exact needs.

Our speciality lies in delivering quick turnarounds to support your critical deadlines. Our CAD design service professionals can design for tooling or design for manufacturing.

Our CAD Design portfolio includes

  • CAD design for turbine engines
  • CAD design for Aircraft assemblies
  • CAD design for Aircraft and ship structures
  • CAD design for Firearms
  • CAD design for General Machinery
  • CAD design for Building structures
  • CAD design for Medical Devices
  • CAD design for Tooling and Automotive industries

Get up to 30% off on your first project for CAD Design service!

Autodesk® Inventor® Professional


AutoCAD® Electrical

AutoCAD® Mechanical

Autodesk® Vault Basic

Autodesk® Navisworks® Simulate

Autodesk® Showcase®

Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design

Autodesk® Sketchbook® Designer

Autodesk® Alias® Design

Autodesk® Mudbox®

CAD Drafting Services

> Sheets redrawn by hand - cad conversion service

> Turnaround Options: Overnight, 3, 5, 10, 30-Days

> Fixed Price Per Sheet (Any Content: Size C, D, E)

> Guaranteed Quality, Turnaround, Price

> 100% Dimensionally Accurate; Full scale 1:1

> AutoCAD, Architecture (ADT), Revit, Microstation

> 2D CAD Drawings, 3D CAD Drawings, 3D CAD Models

> Convert TIF, PDF, JPG scans into CAD Files

> AIA, LITE, or Custom Layering

> 4-Level Quality Control Procedures Deliverables - One Price, You Receive:

1) CAD Service Files

2) CAD Service PDF Export Files (Color, Black/White)

3) CAD Service TIF Files (200 dpi Original Scans)

4) Plot Style Table (for Plotting)

CAD Drafting Services...Q-CAD Inc provides precision paper to CAD Service, CAD conversions, engineering CAD conversions, and provides an architectural CAD drafting service for commercial and residential projects. Our CAD drafting service operators manually redraw your paper or scanned TIF/PDF files into CAD. We offer a fixed price per sheet regardless of sheet content. Our CAD services include, but are not limited to architectural, engineering, construction, electrical, mechanical, civil, machine drawings, flow diagrams, historical archives, construction documents, utility plans, site plans, plat maps, working drawings and almost any other type of document imaginable. Types of CAD services include: Auto CAD services and drafting services, Microstation drafting CAD services, Revit drafting service, and AutoCAD Architecture drafting CAD services. All CAD drawings are precision redrafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate, full scale 1:1, AIA layered, ready to use CAD files (no scanning or vectorizing), which meet rigid quality control standards established by Q-CAD. Our Auto-CAD services and Microstation services are targeted to provide you with an economical solution to your engineering and architectural CAD drafting needs. Simply choose from our CAD Service, architectural drafting services or engineering auto cad services below:

  • AutoCAD (by AutoDesk): 14, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • AutoCAD Architecture ADT (by AutoDesk): 2006, 2008, 2009
  • AutoCAD Revit Architecture (by AutoDesk): 2008, 2009
  • Microstation (by Bentley): 5, 95, J, 8, v8i XM
  • CAD Service files are precision redrawn as:
  • Full Scale 1:1
  • AIA Layering, LITE Layering, Custom Layering, or Tri-Services
  • Dimensionally Accurate - Associative Dimensions
  • Paper or Model Space
  • Titleblocks, Blocks, Symbols, and Hatch Patterns

Outsourcing your CAD service projects to a drafting company such as Q-CAD eliminates the financial burden of expanding and training your staff, as well as upgrading or adding more advanced computer stations to your organization. At Q-CAD, we use the latest releases of CAD service software, CAD layering standards, CAD Service drafting techniques, AutoDesk CAD services and Bentley professional services to develop your state-of-the-art CAD projects. Our expertise in hand drafting auto CAD Service files and microstation files defines Q-CAD as the most accurate and cost effective CAD conversion service and CAD Service in the industry.

2D CAD Drafting: Price Per Sheet

AutoCAD Microstation

$ / Sheet

Lite Layers 20% Discount

4 to 6 Week Turnaround$100$80

10-Business Days$160$128

5-Business Days$210$168

3-Business Days$315$252

1-Business Day$630$504

Price per original sheet to be CAD drafted.

3D CAD Drafting: Price Per Sheet

Revit, Bentley V8i, Architecture (ADT)$ / Sheet

4 to 6 Week Turnaround$130

10-Business Days$185

5-Business Days$235

3-Business Days$340

1-Business Daycall us

Price per original sheet to be CAD drafted.

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